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Labeled Panorama SW from Stanza Peak # 18791

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Date: 2019.08.08
Vantage Point: From the summit of Stanza Peak, looking SW

Caption: Various high peaks of the Manatee Range, as well as those above the Clendinning and Sims Creek drainages. Sirenia Mountain is the highest visible (2852 m) while Mount Whiting is the most distant (71 km).

PhotoDescr: Taken on the fifth day of a 6 day trip to the Slim Creek Headwaters area. From the top of Stanza Peak, our high elevation afforded the most expansive views of the trip. To the SW were the various icy ridges of the Manatee Range, as well as numerous glaciated summits within the Clendinning and Sims Creek watersheds. Unfortunately Elaho Mountain is hidden by Manatee here; I often feel spying one of the most remote peaks of the southern Coast Mountains is a real treat.

One gets a good sense of the effects of the Coast Mountains rainshadow from here, with summits like Whiting and Howitzer at a similar elevation as Stanza but with much more extensive glaciation.

The ridge on the left leads to Salal Peak across the Bridge River Valley, while the one at lower right is part of Strophe Peak.

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