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Musket SW3 - SW aspect # 18784

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Date: 2019.08.07
Vantage Point: From the pass between Griswold S1 and Mount Steve, looking NE

Caption: The summit of Musket W3 is the tilted pyramid at left. Musket Peak is in the right background.

PhotoDescr: Taken on the fourth day of a 6 day trip to the Slim Creek Headwaters area. After exploring Griswold Pass, we took a snack break along the small creek draining the area enclosed in a horseshoe by Griswold S1, Musket W3, Musket SW2, and Mount Steve. There were a number of small pools and a waterfall (visible here), all of which were very nice and good for a quick dip. The creek was one of the clearest we saw our whole trip, and this particular spot would make a nice camp.

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