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Whistler Life Saving Trail context # 18715

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Date: 2019.10.15
Vantage Point: Google Earth

Caption: Whistler Life Saving Trail context

PhotoDescr: The map shows the true Whistler Life Saving Trail. Its trail head is off a switchback just below the microwave tower. The Whistler Mountain controlled recreation area is shown in red. The Whistler Interpretive Forest agreement area is shown in yellow.

Note that most of the life saving trail is inside the WIFAA. Special recreation considerations are in effect in the WIFAA to which the CRA rules are contingent.

Whistler Mountain has tried to restrict access to Whistler Mountain to its paying guests only. In summer, hikers may enter the CRA from Singing Pass via the Musical Bumps trail and download on their lift system without paying. That is the only hiking access allowed through their CRA. That's why the WIFAA is an important area for hikers. An expansion of the CRA into the WIFAA was allowed on certain conditions, therefore, the CRA in the WIFAA is contigent on the agreement.

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