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Musket SW2 - south aspect # 18685

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Date: 2019.08.05
Vantage Point: From the east end of the Slim-Nichols Pass, looking north

Caption: The southern aspect of Musket SW2, above the headwaters of Slim Creek.

PhotoDescr: Taken on the second day of a 6 day trip to the Slim Creek Headwaters. As we reached to top of Slim Creek we were treated to excellent wildflowers displays, as well as lazy meandering streams, as pictured here. Musket SW2 stuck out like a sore thumb, rocky above all the green terrain in this direction.

We considered but did not summit this peak during our stay, but the lefthand ridge pictured here appears to be the easiest route. Klaus's photo from 1991 shows a small glacier on the north slopes but recent satellite images show that its long gone.

Compare this photo to David Campbell's from Spring 2006

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