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Mount Chown from northwest # 18657

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2013.10.16
Vantage Point: From airplane just north of Mount Lucifer, Altitude 3374 meters. This is at

Caption: In foreground must be Lucifer, somewhere on ridge is Barricade, then Mount Chown

PhotoDescr: (Notes by R Tivy.) Looking at the final icefield slope of Chown from the air, you can see how gentle it is. The easy slope on the right skyline of Chown must be the resthaven Icefield. The normal climbing route on skis from Bess Pass must be on the far side of the mountain.

The vantage lat-long plots just north of Mount Lucifer, which is at the north western edge of the Resthaven Icefield. (See vantage map).

The photo was at altitude 3374m. The first peak would be Lucifer at 3060m, which is below the elevation of the plane. Then further along the ridge is Barricade Mountain is 3180m (with the black face in the shade) just before the ridge joins onto the gentle Chown Icefield. Finally the gentle white glacier risign up to Mount Chown at 3316m.

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