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Mount Holmes and Second Peak # 18655

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Date: 2019.08.30
Vantage Point: From our camp on BC-Alberta divide

Caption: Mount Holmes and the "second" summit

PhotoDescr: In the photo, the official Mount Holmes is the summit in the center. That is marked as the summit on all maps, and that is the location of the survey post. But note the "second" summit in the upper right corner. BC Basemap says it is 6m higher! On our ascent of the official summit of Holmes, I must admit the second summit looked like it could be higher.

In the left foreground is one of the many little tarns along the BC-Alberta divide.

Our climbing route was to go over the pass to the left of the peak. From there, the skyline ridge you see on the left turned out to be more than we wanted to do, so we were forced to continue eastward, and forced by a long rock wall to descend 500' before finally swinging back up the easy east slopes.

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