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Sulfide Peak from Chalco Mountain # 18650

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Date: 2019.08.29
Vantage Point: From the summit of Chalco Mountain

Caption: Sulfide Peak, with Lucifer, Chown and Bess in back

PhotoDescr: The main peak in the foreground is Sulfide Peak at 8428m, just a bit lower than Chalco Mountain at 8524 feet (2597m). It is about 2 km east of Chalco Mountain. In the lower right corner of the photo is the pass in which we left our packs. That pass is the key to crossing from the Chalco Creek drainage to the south side above Holmes River. This is the key pass we were supposed to "ground truth" for possible use by the National Trail. From this elevation, the pass looks pretty flat, but from below it looked steep.

On the skyline in the distance, you see the glacier topped peaks around Mount Chown. These are in Jasper National park. Easiest to identify is Mount Chown, in the center of the photo, 23 km away, and with the gentle icefield ramp leading to it's summit from the south. It is 10,930 feet. I had skied up this in 1987, by crossing over Robson Pass,then up the Smokey River. See Bess Pass and Mount Chown - Ski Trip. Because it was almost the magic number of 11,000 feet, and inspired by my report, Rick Collier was compelled to climb it just in case it was over 11,000 feet. He approached from the Holmes river and was successful in 2010. See Success on Chown -- At Last!.

To the right of Chown is Mount Bess, 10,509 feet, the other big snow capped peak. It is considerably harder to climb than Chown. Between them lies the legendary Bess Pass.

To the far left must be Lucifer, Resthaven and Pigmy.


South of it, and almost as high

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