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The Western Cayoosh and Joffre from Matier Summit # 1859

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Date: 1994.02.12
Vantage Point: From summit of Matier

Caption: A view of the Western Cayoosh Range and Joffre Peak from the summit of Matier after an early morning ski ascent via the Anniversary Glacier. A fine mid-winter high had set in and there was a bright moon allowing excellent travel during the evenings. This was the first of four peaks in an enchainment of the western Joffre Group on this beautiful day.

PhotoDescr: Good snow conditions, excellent snow stability, and a very bright sky allowed for some excellent touring in February of 1994. The lack of daylight hours was balanced by the brightness of the moon, and so a number of people made the most of evening hours. I still remember skiing through the subalpine near Keith's Hut at 2:00 a.m. only to bump into a group just arriving from the valley below. We all marvelled at the wonderful blue light of the moon and the brightness which allowed us to ski up and down without worry in the middle of the night.

On the day of this shot, I set out at 5:00 to enchain Matier, Hartzell, Spetch, and Slalok. Conditions were excellent, with temperatures quite moderate, but skies clear. The snow conditions included 15cm of dry, light powder on top of a bomber base. Edges bit perfectly, and the light dusting of powder allowed for a good time on all descents.

A couple of the peaks required some scrambling, though Hartzell, like Matier, was simply a ski-up. By early afternoon, I was whooping back down the Anniversary to join friends coming in to our snowcave near the north moraine of the Anniversary Glacier. The climb to the Matier/Anniversary Col was so good that we did it several more times over the next couple of days.

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