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Argonaut Peak from Longs Pass # 18470

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Date: 2016.09.05
Vantage Point: From Longs Pass, looking northeast

Caption: Argonaut Peak is the multi-summited peak left of center, with Colchuck Peak behind it to the left. Little Annapurna is the peak second from right, with the gently-sloping left-hand ridge.

PhotoDescr: Taken on a daytrip lollipop to Lake Ingalls and Longs Pass. After trudging up to Longs Pass, we got a view of the eastern Stuart Range peaks, or the southern vanguard of the Enchantments. Argonaut is west of the Enchantments proper, and is likely less frequently visited than its higher neighbors to the east and west.

Dragontail Peak is directly behind Argonaut and hidden in this view. The deep valley ascending to the right of Argonaut holds Porcupine Creek. Little Annapurna is a popular summit to climb in the Enchantments, thanks to its gentle north ridge visible here.

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