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Joffre Peak Rockslide looking Southwest # 18448

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2019.05.13
Vantage Point: from the Air

Caption: The former trail is covered with thousands of tons of rock you see.

PhotoDescr: Last night a massive rock slide came down off Joffre Peak and flowed north down Cerise creek. As far as is known, nobody was on the trail at the time or they would be gone.

From the photos, I would guess the slide started somewhere near 50.3424,-122.4445 near the summit of Joffre Peak. The slide wiped out most of the Mount Matier trail and the ski route, and the creek itself.

Keith's hut is on the other side of the low ridge on the left. It is safe as is the upper Matier Creek. But the lower section is wiped out.

Look at other photos in Bivouac to see what part of the mountain is missing. See also Joffre Landslide looking North down Cerise creek.

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