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Bonanza Peak telephoto from the top of Sahale Arm # 18436

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Date: 2016.08.13
Vantage Point: From the top of Sahale Arm, looking southeast

Caption: Bonanza Peak sits at center left, with Dark Peak immediately to its right, and then Needle Peak in front and below it. Buckskin Mountain and Copper Mountain are visible along the left skyline, with Dumbell Mountain and North Star Mountain to the right of Dark Peak. Agnes Mountain is the prominent needle at right, with Trapper Mountain in the right foreground.

PhotoDescr: Taken on a daytrip to Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm. Bonanza Peak is the highest non-volcanic summit in the Washington Cascades, and is surrounded by a few small glaciers (hidden from this vantage by the ridge of Dark Peak). The small Grant Glacier below the summit of North Star Mountain seems quite a bit smaller than on the old topo map.

The ridge second from front is called Rimrock Ridge and separates one brushy, unpleasant valley (Flat Creek) from another brushy, unpleasant valley (West Fork Agnes Creek). Both can be used as an alternative access to the Ptarmigan Traverse but neither are recommended.

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