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Fred Beckey Eating Spaghetti with Stick # 18384

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Date: 2002.07.01
Vantage Point: From the north

Caption: Fred Beckey eating spaghetti with a stick

PhotoDescr: Fred Beckey eating spaghetti with a stick near Eisenhower Tower.

The night before climbing Eisenhower Tower with Fred Beckey we made a camp and I was amused that Fred was ready to eat his spaghetti with a stick he found on the ground, instead of waiting for me to break out some eating utensils. Fred was never a cook. I thought I was bad in the kitchen but I don't ever recall Fred making any food except oats for himself when nobody was around or willing to make some food.

You can see the Fedex folder in the back. That's often what contains a snippet of Fred's "little black book".

I had to join in the fun :-)

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