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Detective Peak Final East ridge # 18308

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2018.10.21
Vantage Point: From eastern subpeak of Detective, before final col

Caption: The photo shows the final east ridge on Detective Peak. The highest point is on the right. Note the sharp fin along the ridge. You can bypass it on either side.

PhotoDescr: When we got to the vantage point of this photo, the east subpeak of Detective, we were surprised to see that the final summit was still some distance away. The photo shows three features: from left to right, first a easy pointed scree bump, second a sharp "fin" on the ridge, and third the flat top of the main peak. Our particular concern was how to get around the sharp fin that you see on the skyline ridge. However it turns out it is straightforward to go on either side of that fin. On the way up, we bypassed the first peak and the fin on the far side of the ridge (not visible in photo). This involved a drop, and a traverse across angle of repose scree. Once past the fin, the summit was an easy walkup. On our return, we traversed in front of the fin, just at the point where the snow meets the rock. It was also pretty easy. Despite the steepness, if you slipped you wouldn't go anywhere, so it was not really as exposed as it looks in this photo.

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