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Blue Peak Northeast Ridge from Subpeak # 18275

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2018.09.04
Vantage Point: From just before final col with subpeak

Caption: The photo shows the final summit of Blue Peak (with it's distinct snow patch).

PhotoDescr: From our camp, we hiked thru the north pass between Noaxe and Blue Creek (Big Dog key saddle), then traversed along the east flank of Hatchet Peak to the Hatchet-Blue col (Noaxe key saddle). Then climbed south and along the western flank of the final subpeak of Blue Peak. As we approached the final col, I took the photo. See the track log in the trip report).

Although the ridge had looked quite problematic from further back, by the time I took this photo, it was looking much easier. The most likely problem would be the gendarme at the left edge of the permanent snow patch. But when we reached there, it was no problem. The whole ridge was class 2 with occasional use of hands and not much exposure anywhere.

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