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Hynes Peak and Tricouni Meadows # 18217

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Date: 2018.08.05
Vantage Point: From the summit area of Sawchuk NW1

Caption: The northern view along the ridge towards Hynes Peak with the Tricouni Meadows area below. First, Second and Spearpoint Lakes visible with Cleat Peak (Tricouni W1) top right.

PhotoDescr: I'd originally planned on gaining Sawchuk Peak from it's south side then following the ridgeline northwards over Sawchuk NW1 and on to Hynes Peak. After looking at Klaus Haring's shot of the north side of Sawchuk I wasn't so sure as things looked pretty steep so I decided to hike the Tricouni trail into the meadows instead. After crossing the creek just before First Lake I found a bush free way upwards then ascended Sawchuk NW1 on good scrambling rock (northeastern side).

From there, Sawchuk did look daunting to my eye but you don't know for sure unless you try (or find a report on it). Descending the north ridge of NW1 I continued along the ridge towards Hynes - it looked bushy but generally a route presented itself (even a faint track in places). The last section to gain the summit ridge brought pause but was fine going up slightly right of centre. The summit features a good sized cairn but the best views are a bit further along the ridge northwards over a couple of small bumps. From there you get a great view of Seagram Lake (and many other lakes) and further afield towards Cayley, Fee and other peaks. Good views too from both peaks of the Squamish/Ashlu/Elaho Divide. Swimming in First Lake on the way back was refreshing.

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