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Old Desolate Mountain from 3rd summit of Burroughs Mountain # 18025

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Date: 2015.09.29
Vantage Point: From the 3rd summit of Burroughs Mountain, looking northwest

Caption: Old Desolate Mountain is at center. Mount Pleasant, Fay Peak, Fay N1, and Fay NE2 are in the background at left, with Old Baldy and Pitcher in the center background. Sluiskin Mountain is the rocky pinnacle at the far right.

PhotoDescr: Taken on an Indian Summer day trip to the Sunrise area of Mount Rainier National Park. The summit of 3rd Burroughs offers expansive views in all directions, including to the northeast and Old Desolate Mountain. The heavily debris-covered terminus of the Winthrop Glacier is visible at the bottom, as well as the heavily photographed Mystic Lake in the midground at left.

The Wonderland Trail traverses below Old Desolate from Mystic Lake to below the Winthrop Glacier, where it crosses the West Fork of the White River.

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