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Mount Tom Taylor from northern subpeak # 17971

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Date: 2015.08.26
Vantage Point: From the northern subpeak of Mount Tom Taylor, looking southwest

Caption: The main summit of Tom Taylor is the obvious peak center-left, above the crevassed Taylor Glacier. Mariner Mountain is visible in the center background, with Lone Wolf Mountain visible behind and to the right of that. Pretty Girl Peak and Megin Peak are visible in the far background to the right.

PhotoDescr: Taken on a 3-day trip to the Bedwell Lake area. On our final day, we made it to the northern sub-summit of Tom Taylor to get this nice view of the north side glacier and summit ridge. We didn't have time to continue further, but we got good views of the area from here. The Taylor Glacier drops precipitously down into the Moheya Valley, 1000 m below the summit.

Sasha Kubicek's photo from a similar vantage almost exactly a decade before seems to indicate that the Taylor Glacier, like many in the area, has retreated significantly in the past 10 years.

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