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Pomiu (China) # 17920

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Date: 2017.10.18
Vantage Point: DaFeng (5,025m)

Caption: Pomiu seen from the summit of Dafeng (5,025m)

PhotoDescr: After 1.5 days of priming for the altitude, we felt great and ready for one-day push for DaFeng (四姑娘大峰 5,025m), the first peak of the mighty "Four Sisters" group (四姑娘山) in Sichuan province, China. We climbed it alpine style (with no guides), right from the city of RiLong, that is 29 km return, ~1,900 m elevation gain. We expected to be back to our hotel at midnight, but surprisingly didn't even use our headlights, completing the climb under 12 hours. We had fantastic conditions, no wind, no snow on the ground and blue skies.

The photo of Pomiu (婆缪山; 5,413m) was taken by my climbing partner from the summit of Dafeng. The other surrounding peaks (>5K), typically for the area, have no names.

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