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Sheep by Curator Lake # 179

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2000.08.06
Vantage Point: The Skyline Trail below the Notch

Caption: Two mountain sheep are silhouetted against the icy blue waters of [a href=PhotoPg.asp?rq=Pg&PhotoId=997 target=blank]Curator Lake[/a] in the Canadian Rockies.

PhotoDescr: These mountain sheep (Ovis canadensis), alert to any danger, bounded out of sight moments after this picture was taken from the Jasper Skyline Trail. I was with five other Grant MacEwan Mountain Club members on a three-day trip. That morning, we had left Curator Campground with the optimistic belief that the beautiful weather would continue. As we approached the Notch, the rumble of not-too-distant thunder gave us pause - literally. Just after this picture was taken, we stopped for an hour and a half while the storm rolled over us, pelting us with hail and rain. We sheltered under tarps; I don't know what the sheep did.

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