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Division Mountain and Glacier Lake Panorama # 17715

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Date: 2013.08.21
Vantage Point: The west shoulder of Murchision

Caption: Peaks around Glacier Lake including (L to R), Mount Forbes, Outram, Division Mountain and Ridge, Lens, Arctomys, Christian, Walter, Ernest, Edward, Rudolph, Erasmus and Survey Peak.

PhotoDescr: On August 21, 2013 Raf K and I managed the 5th recorded ascent of Mount Murchison's highest (SE) summit. Because we knew that Andrew N and his brother, Mark had taken 23 hours on Murchison (to be fair they bagged both summits and traversed them), we ascended most of the height gain the evening before and bivied on the west shoulder at around 9,000 feet.

At sunrise we got this view off the shoulder towards Glacier Lake. We successfully climbed the rest of the way to the summit and measured it at around 11,000 feet. Since then, Bill Corbett has included Murchison in his 11,000ers book as a potential candidate.

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