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North face of Forbes # 17714

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Date: 2015.06.27
Vantage Point: Summit of Arctomys Peak

Caption: The incredibly beautiful north face of Mount Forbes with Rosita Peak on the right.

PhotoDescr: In late June, 2015, I joined Ben N and Steven S for a peakbagging venture on the Lyell Icefield. On the first day we approached the Lyell Hut and managed to summit the first three (and easiest) Lyell Peaks.

The second day we summited Lyell V (Christian Peak) and then proceeded across the icefield towards Arctomys Peak after ruling out a safe attempt at Walter Peak (Lyell IV).

The views from the summit of Arctomys were stunning in every direction but Mount Forbes, to the south, stole the show with it's grand north face and west ridge stretching up into the sky. It was this picture which motivated me to finally climb to the summit of Forbes in the spring of 2016.

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