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Moriah, Rebakah and FB06 from Swan Pass # 17701

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Date: 2015.07.29
Vantage Point: Swan Pass

Caption: A gorgeous view over glacial tarns from Swan Pass towards Moriah Peak, Rebakah and FB06 (L to R).

PhotoDescr: In late July, 2015, Ben Nearingberg and I made a three day excursion onto the Brazeau Icefield to climb the two 11,000ers in the area, Mounts Warren and Brazeau. Most people also combine the two (very) minor summits of Valad and Henry MacLeod with Brazeau since they're almost free, effort-wise.

We both approached and climbed Brazeau in one day from hwy 93, so we didn't have time to add any other summits. On our second day we summitted Warren and didn't arrive back at the bivy until late at night thanks to spicy conditions (no snow).

The third day we didn't have the energy or willpower to climb both Valad and Henry MacLeod so we just did Henry MacLeod and decided to pass on Valad and exit the glacier before things got too hot. As it was, we had to cross many suspect snow bridges on our exit and were glad we didn't wait until later in the day. Such are the hazards of summer glacier travel in the Rockies.

Moriah Peak is the pointy one at left with Rebakah Peak and FB06 to it's right. Tyche Peak is just visible at far left on the edge of the photo.

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