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South Cinnabar 54 pan (Tyaughton Lake) # 17636

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2009.09.08
Vantage Point: Ridge above Cinnabar Barbarian trail

Caption: The photo shows the scars & the firebreak cat roads stopping the fire from traveling down to the cabins

PhotoDescr: This panorama was taken from the end of the rocky ridge above the Cinnabar Barbarian trail. This was the best vantage to see the extent of damage on Pearson Ridge from the fire that started at a campsite on Pearson Pond & burned through the whole summer consuming over 8000 Ha of forest. The fire burned across Tyaughton Lake Road & up towards Tyaughton Lake. The forestry crews set up a line of defense on Pearson Ridge southern slopes & later set a backfire on the north slope. However the fire traveled along Pearson Ridge & over to Ernie Peak on Marshall Ridge. Marshall Lake was another successful backfire saving the cabins below. This is where the fire finally ran out of fuel.

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