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Middle Needle M in Winter # 17621

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Date: 2017.01.01
Vantage Point: From the summit of Mt. Fromme

Caption: Middle Needle flanked on the left by North Needle and on the right by South Needle.

PhotoDescr: On new years day we hiked in snow from the top of Prospect road hooking up with the Peer Gynt / Mt. Fromme trail at the 6th switchback of the Grouse Mtn. Highway, where we put on snowshoes. We followed tracks to about 1000m where we passed a party of two and then broke trail the rest of the way. It too windy to eat lunch on the summit. I quickly snapped a few pictures and we headed down. Numerous powdery tree bombs dislodged by the wind produced spectacular whiteouts once in a while.

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