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Mariner Mountain from subpeak of Big Interior Mtn. # 17593

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Date: 2015.08.25
Vantage Point: From a subpeak of Big Interior Mtn., looking west

Caption: Main summit of Mariner Mountains, with glaciers below. Lone Wolf Mountain is the bump sticking up above the ridge in the midground on the right.

PhotoDescr: Taken on a 3 day trip to the Bedwell Lake area. Despite being below 1800m, its proximity to the ocean means it has one of the most extensive glaciated slopes on Vancouver Island. As with all glaciers though this summer, it looked pretty bare. Compare to this photo from 2005, another hot, dry summer. (Note retreat in the past 10 years as well)

Note also the lenticular clouds, there was a big storm offshore this day that luckily didn't make it inland.

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