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Tiffany Mountain from Middle Tiffany # 17538

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Date: 2016.09.13
Vantage Point: From just off summit of Middle Tiffany

Caption: Looking southwest towards Tiffany. Whistler Pass is far left and Honeymoon Pass is lower right.

PhotoDescr: I hiked the Freezeout Ridge Trail to Whistler Pass then went northwards on a trail towards Honeymoon Pass. Both trails go through sections of burnt forest. Before reaching Honeymoon Pass I headed up to Middle Tiffany and northwards again to Rock Mountain on open terrain.

Descending to Honeymoon Pass I found a trail (not shown on maps) that ascends through a forest of alpine larch (passing near Little Tiffany Lake) to reach the northwest ridge of Tiffany Mountain and it's an easy hike/scramble (right side of the peak in the picture above with the larch forest below) up to Tiffany's summit. From there the standard south trail drops down to the Freezeout Trail.

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