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Medenagan From The North # 17440

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Date: 2016.08.01
Vantage Point: From the east ridge of Antrim Peak

Caption: Across Horsethief Creek to Medenagan, with Farnham on the left and the Commander Group on the right

PhotoDescr: Not the easiest photo to distinguish these peaks but Medenagan is just left of centre. Left of the gendarme on Medenagan's south-east ridge and behind is Hammond. Farnham is the big peak rear left. Then to the right of Medenagan moving along the horizon:- the three bumps above the glacier are the East, Centre and West Guardsmen. Jumbo is just visible peeking out from behind Commander. Next right is Karnak, then a bit lower and closer is Maye, then the steep and snow-free north face of The Lieutenants.

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