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Gregorio Peak and Gwillim Lakes # 17404

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Date: 2016.07.27
Vantage Point: From Lucifer - Black Prince Col

Caption: Looking south across Gwillim Lakes from Lucifer-Black Prince Col

PhotoDescr: I took this photo of Gregorio Peak as we crossed over the Lucifer-Black Prince Col on our return from Hird Lakes area. Gregorio is the big peak to the left of center of the photo. The first lake in the foreground is the "Bench" lake, at 2260m (49.8191,-117.7397), and then beyond that is part of Gwillim Lake at 2140m, about 120m lower.

Note the blue sky: by the time we reached Gwillim lake and had lunch it started to rain, and rained for several hours as we descended the Gwillim Lake trail.

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