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Mt. Louis and the Forty Mile Creek Valley from Cascade Mountain # 1730

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Date: 1999.08.08
Vantage Point: From Cascade Mountain

Caption: Mount Louis, Mount Edith, and Mount Cory form the southern portion of the Sawback Range. They are easily accessed by a number of fine hiking routes and offer good scrambling and climbing opportunities. The Forty Mile Creek drainage provides easy access into the Sawback Range for extended hiking trips.

PhotoDescr: A day of excellent weather during a scramble of Cascade Mountain allowed fine views of the Forty Mile Creek Valley and surrounding peaks. The afternoon light highlighted the upraised strata that give much of the Sawback Range its distinctive formations.

The southwestern portion of this mountain group is easily accessed by a horseshoe hiking trip from the Fireside Picnic Site just off the east side of Hwy #1A (Bow Valley Parkway) a few kilometres west of the westernmost exit for Banff. From this trailhead it is possible to ascend the trail to Cory Pass (2358 m), nip up a scrambling route on one of the Edith peaks, descend into the Gargoyle Valley, and return by the Edith Pass Trail for a fine day out. This route sequence does put some of the more strenuous climbing at the beginning of the day and allows for a more gentle descent than doing the route in a counterclockwise direction.

Alternately, for a longer day, one can descend from Gargoyle Valley to Forty Mile Creek and head west until it is possible to head back up to the south ridge of Cockscomb, which is an easy scramble on its south ridge, or ascend the col north of Cory Pass and explore the area between Mt. Louis and Mt. Cory.

Mt. Cory is more easily ascended from the Muleshoe parking area further west on Hwy #1A. The observant hiker or scrambler has an excellent chance of seeing Rocky Mountain sheep on this trip.

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