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Illabot Peaks # 17272

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Date: 2016.06.30
Vantage Point: From a 1650m knoll south of Illabot Peaks

Caption: The south side of Illabot Peaks with Lake Louise below.

PhotoDescr: The first part of the day had been climbing "Bettys Jugs" on the eastern side of the Grade Creek Valley. With time left over I drove to the end of Grade Creek Road (accessed from km 10.2 off the Suiattle River Road) and hiked a trail past Lake Tupso (Grade Creek Headwaters) to an area above Lake Louise.

A quick scramble from there got me up Point 5410 with this aspect. Illabot Peaks generally is approached from the Illabot Creek Valley (SW and NW routes) but can be approached this way to join up with the SW route. On the return I went for a brief refreshing swim in Lake Tupso before enjoying a post hike beer back at my vehicle.

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