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Ross Lake, Hozomeen and Jack Mountains from Ruby Mountain # 17222

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Date: 2016.05.03
Vantage Point: From the summit of Ruby Mountain

Caption: Northern view from Ruby up Ross Lake (dam visible lower left) to Hozomeen with Jack Mountain very prominent on the right.

PhotoDescr: Starting from Colonial Creek Campground I hiked the Thunder and Panther Creek Trails to 4th of July Pass. Finding the "hidden" abandoned (there's a sign stating that about 30 meters in) Ruby Mountain trail I followed it up the south side of the peak.

Quite a bit of blowdown/deadfall but the trailbed is in nice shape with some cairns so route finding was not an issue. I did lose the trail above 1700m elevation due to snow and took a waypoint around there as I continued up on a combination of snow and rock/soil/talus on the south ridge to reach the summit which has a radio repeater shack that provided shelter from the wind along with a nice wooden base to sit on.

Views from this well situated peak are pretty good all round with the Snowfield/Colonial area nearby, Jack and Crater to the northeast along with many other substantial mountains in any other direction.

After nearly 2 hours up there and on a small peak SSE of the summit I retraced my steps. The approach is pretty long and the views don't show up until quite high but when they do - they're worth the effort.

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