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Lynx Peak from Dakota Lookout # 17125

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Date: 2016.03.18
Vantage Point: From our high point on Dakota ridge, just before the descent to Luke Lake.

Caption: Lynx Peak from Dakota Lookout. White spot in valley is Luke Lake. Our route to the steep wall was the obvious spur in upper right corner. Peak in back is the SW peaks of Tetrahedron.

PhotoDescr: This photo shows an important part of the route. The main peak with the big clearcut is Lynx Peak (formerly Panther W4). Our route was to go down to Luke Lake which is the white spot and then up to the right, ending at the obvious spur in the upper right corner. From there we were confronted with a steep little wall going up a steep creek. A better route would be to stay on the logging road to go left across the face of the peak, and then around behind the white face knoll in center. The upper lakes are behind that knoll.

The white face knoll you see is the one on the map at 1300m at 49.5581,-123.5931. We can refer to this as "Knoll 59". The upper lakes (Lake 69) is behind that knoll, and once you are there it is clear sailing to the final pass over the top of the peak.

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