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Lake Oesa from the Wiwaxy Gap # 171

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Date: 1996.09.14
Vantage Point: near Wiwaxy Gap

Caption: Lake Oesa occupies a hanging valley beneath Glacier Peak, with Ringrose Peak and Hungabee Mountain at its side, marking the continental divide. Somewhat nearer to the right of the lake is Yukness Mountain, with Mount Biddle behind it.

PhotoDescr: The Wiwaxy Gap Trail is scratched into the side of Mount Huber from where the photo was taken to the lake. It took nearly two hours to get up to the Wiwaxy Gap from Lake O'Hara. See Lake O'Hara and Mount Schaffer. My hiking buddy Kate stopping to put on sunscreen, and then discovering the tube's cap had come off in her pack. Before and after the cleanup, there were the relentless switchbacks, and waiting for the American tourist with acrophobia and his two pals to pass by. But it was a glorious day for September, and the Alpine Circuit lived up to its promise every step of the way.

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