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Ronayne E2 from Ronayne # 17089

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Date: 2014.06.14
Vantage Point: From the summit of Mount Ronayne.

Caption: An eastern view towards Ronayne E2 with the Birkenhead area rear left. Behind E2 is Nequatque and Mount Marriott with the Place Glacier peaks along with a distant Joffre Group to the right side.

PhotoDescr: I'd previously done Ronayne E2 on snow from North Tenas Creek approaching from the northwest. The ridge connecting it to Ronayne was quite sharp in one spot so I didn't attempt it.

Coming back a couple of years later in late spring I drove to the end of North Tenas Creek FSR and followed the faint route towards Ogre Lake then cut up the valley west of Ronayne and around to the easy going south ridge and up to the peak.

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