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Tremor Mountain texture from above Russet Lake # 16978

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Date: 2013.08.08
Vantage Point: From the highpoint along the Singing Pass Trail, looking northeast

Caption: Tremor Mountain is the highest peak at the left, with the gentler peak behind it and to the right Shudder Mountain. Quiver Peak and the Ripsaw are visible to the far right.

PhotoDescr: Taken on a trip to the Russet Lake area. The second evening afforded some good photo opportunities from the high point of the Singing Pass Trail above Russet Lake. Tremor Mountain is the highest point around Fitzsimmons Creek.

Based on the lateral moraines of the Curtain Glacier, it has seen significant retreat since the end of the Little Ice Age. Note the smaller terminal moraine close to the glacier terminus, indicating likely recent advance and then retreat (1970s snowy period?)

See Steve Sproule's photo for a similar view in winter.

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