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Dreadnought (Crawford W2) Peak from NNW # 16935

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Date: 2015.11.20
Vantage Point: Paranoid Creek

Caption: The NW ridge of Dreadnought (Crawford W2) more or less coming straight towards the camera.

PhotoDescr: The route Sergei and Jeff climbed is left of the NW ridge. The route I did in the mid 1990s is on the right of the NW ridge. The latter route I did solo without any particular technical difficulty although I'm sure there was some bushwhacking and rock climbing involved. I descended the west ridge which is the skyline on the right hand side.

In those days, the peak did not have a name. Not even Crawford W2. This summit was lumped together with a bunch of other summits with heights around 2000 meters or less under the moniker Mamquam Southwest Summits. Nobody would have bothered writing up a non-peak like this although it does look like a worthy challenge from this angle. Now everything has a name, most of them invented from looking at map sheets rather than a proper approach, which would involve some sort of consensus, research and gasp! a committee of more than one to formalize the process.

A dreadnought is a guitar part, I'm told, which is quite a stretch to associate that nomenclature with anything in this part of the world. Maybe it sounds good and that's why it arose.

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