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Surprise Point, Outpost Lake, and the Upper Astoria River Valley # 169

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Date: 1998.06.21
Vantage Point: shoulder of Outpost Peak

Caption: The Alpine Club of Canada Wates-Gibson Memorial Hut sits overlooking Outpost Lake. Behind the hut rises Surprise Point, on a buttress of the Ramparts. On the far side of the upper Astoria River Valley stands Mount Clitheroe.

PhotoDescr: 1998 was an El Nino year, and the hiking season in Jasper started a month early. I booked three days at the hut, and on the third day three of my hutmates and I decided to bushwhack a shortcut to the Eremite Valley. Passing along the far shore of Outpost Lake, we continued to traverse the other side of the foreground slope on the right. We eventually concluded we couldn't get there from here, and headed up to the base of Outpost Peak. We could have saved a lot of effort by merely heading up the slope below the vantage point of the photo. But it was a lovely day for a walk.

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