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Paranoid and Crawford Peaks from Manic Peak # 16870

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Date: 2015.10.04
Vantage Point: From Manic west

Caption: At far left is the heather covered east peak of Manic. In center is Paranoid Peak and to the right with the glacier is Crawford Peak. The entire drainage is Paranoid Creek.

PhotoDescr: From our camp at Darling Lake, we hiked up the northwest ridge of Manic peak. From there, we looked at many peaks, and were checking out the possible route to Paranoid and Crawford. We verified that it would be easy to reach Paranoid by swinging around to the little lake between Paranoid and Crawford and then strolling up Paranoid. Crawford looked more difficult. The glacier is not too steep, but has crevasses, so you'd probably want glacier gear in summer. The rock ridges on either side of the glacier looked difficult from our vantage point, although I suppose it is possible that they aren't as hard as they looked.

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