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Darling Peaks from NW ridge of Manic Peak # 16869

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Date: 2015.10.04
Vantage Point: From crest of NW ridge of Manic Peak, above Darling Lake

Caption: Several subpeaks of Darling Peak. The highest peak is the one furthest to the left

PhotoDescr: We were camping at Darling lake, and after a leisurely breakfast, headed up the NW ridge of Manic peak to do the Manic loop. When we reached the ridge just above the lake, we could see a good view of Darling Peak. As you can see, there are several sub-summits. The highest point is the one furthest right. To climb the peak from Darling Lake, you would go up the scree and then bare rocks to the glacier just barely visible at top right col. Then it is supposed to be easy to swing around behind the highest peak and climb it from the glacier. I don't know if you need glacier gear.

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