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Kalkalilh Caldera # 16644

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Date: 2015.03.28
Vantage Point: Skookum Dam

Caption: Kalkalilh Caldera is the wooded hump in the background above the work party.

PhotoDescr: Text by Paul Kubik: We needed some place names in the area as we work our way up towards the park boundary from Skookum Dam. The BCMC is reestablishing the ski route into Mamquam from the head of roads up Skookum Creek.

On this day, the low cloud hid the magnificent peaks from view and we were struggling to find reference points. The idea of a caldera never entered anyone's imagination at this point. Panning with Google Earth a few weeks later it clearly shows a typical volcanic cone profile with a caldera for the subject feature. The so-called KalKalilh Caldera appears as an extension of Eanastick Plug, also named on Bivouac as the volcanic feature behind which forms Eanastick Meadows.

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