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The NW side of Fays peak from Fays-3 # 16452

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Date: 2014.08.30
Vantage Point: Fays-3 peak

Caption: The NW face of Fays peak from the summit of fays-3.

PhotoDescr: I drove the Rady FSR the night before at 2am and camped near the start of the mining track. The next day, I drove up the incredibly steep (some sections reach 30 percent and are washed out - no backing down!) Rady mining road and parked in the alpine at over 2200m. I had to wait until mid-afternoon for the rain to stop, and at this point there wasn't enough time to try Fays peak - but I did manage to climb Fays-3, a great alternative. I avoided some cliffy terrain by contouring around the right of the sub-summit visible from the end of the road (South fork in the alpine) into a bowl on the South side of the peak, then ascending some loose scree. The summit pyramid has more solid rock and some decent scrambling, although one can avoid all difficulties by grovelling up loose scree and talus. I had ok weather for views, but the scenery is excellent, especially towards the Purcells.

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