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Peak DG13 (2733m) from the North-West # 16450

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Date: 2014.08.23
Vantage Point: The North-East ridge of DG13

Caption: The North-East face (left) of dg13 from along the North-West ridge of the peak. Kingpin peak is just left of dg13. Elevation of DG13 on my GPS unit was 2733m after averaging for several minutes.

PhotoDescr: The easy ridge leading to this peak has only one tricky section where exposed slabs intersect the ridge. They aren't hard to navigate (stiff class 2, minimal exposure) but can be avoided by losing some elevation on the right side. The left side of the idge has precipitous drops down to the headwaters of Cirque Creek. Tiny remnants of glacier adorn the concavities of the impressive face.

On day 4 of a 5-day trip to the Quartz-Cirue divide, I walked the ridge to this peak before dropping down into Lang Creek to avoid some impassable pinnacles between this peak and nearby and higher Kingpin peak. The descent into Lang creek is easy; on simply has to descend to about 2400m where a notch in the ridge on the left allows passage. Some routefinding is necessary to get past a few cliffs on the traverse beyond the notch but the terrain is decent and the grade remains at an unexposed stiff class 2 again with minimal exposure at times. From here, the route up Kingpin is obvious though a bit of a slog across, then up loose scree and talus.

Of note, if you miss the notch at 2400, it will likly be necessary to descend all the way down to Lang lake, at 2135m (7000ft), on steep and loose moraine, not to mention re-gaining all that elevation. It didn't look like fun!

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