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Howe Peak's NW face glacier # 16447

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Date: 2014.09.25
Vantage Point: 1560m high point on the connecting ridge between peak 1635 (South of Clayton pass) and Howe Peak

Caption: The NW face of Howe peak and the glacier that adorns it. I was very surprised to see such a large glacier on such a small peak, by South coast standards. This thing tumbles all the way down to below treeline yet is only about 3km long!

PhotoDescr: The impressive glacier that flows down the North-West face of Howe Peak and drains into Clayton Falls Creek, descending to what looked like about 1350m above sea level! I reached this viewpoint after hiking up a 1635m peak directly South of Clayton pass on a good trail, then descending 200m past it and hiking about 3km to a high point overlooking the glacier. At this point I was past the snout, which was quite far to the left out of frame and some 200m below. While you should be prepared to encounter some bush if you want to get to this viewpoint, it's probably the easiest way to get very close to a glacier around Bella Coola short of flying.

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