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Thor Mountain (Thorsen Peak) from the West # 16446

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Date: 2014.09.25
Vantage Point: The 1635m peak due South of Clayton Pass

Caption: Thorsen Peak (Thor Mountain)'s West ridge

PhotoDescr: While in Bella Coola checking out access to various areas, I took drive up to Clayton Pass and doodled up a rough trail to a 1635m peak directly South of the pass. The trail leads to the small, rounded peak in an easy afternoon hike without bush to an area with surprisingly low timberline!

From the summit I was able to see a plethora of attractive and easy-looking peak in the area around Howe Lake, where I hope to spend a few days in the future. I decided to continue down 200m to another pass to the South of this peak and up to a promontory at 1560m that overlooks the North glacier on Howe Peak. The going is good on the way down with only one section of bush, but the last 300m to the little lookout are hell. I had to descend about 50m off the crest to the West and follow sections of meadow as I simply could not physically continue on the crest on account of the incredibly dense shrubs that proved to be simply impenetrable. I really wished I had a chainsaw!

The view of Howe Peak, however, was certainly worth it! see my photo essay.

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