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Tessitura and Tenor from the slopes of Mezzo (Downton Creek) # 16329

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Date: 2014.07.01
Vantage Point: From northeastern slopes of Mezzo Peak

Caption: Looking across "The Valley of Many Lakes" towards Tessitura and Tenor Peaks. Melvin prominent at the rear.

PhotoDescr: I'd viewed this valley on a previous trip to this area from Soprano and Contralto Peaks then again the week before this trip from Lost and Found Peaks. A whole bunch of alpine lakes plus the chance to bag a couple more peaks had me drive back up Duffey Lake Road and to the end of Branch 2 in Downton Creek then ascend the headwall above the lake near there and I was in.

Continuing up valley for a while I ascended Mezzo Peak from the northeast then I dropped down the south ridge to the Found/Mezzo col at the head of the valley. Continuing down mostly on snowslopes from there I traversed over then up (rock, snow and glacier) to gain the Found/Tenor col and scrambled along Tenor's southwest ridge to the summit.

Great views from both peaks and more ideas of terrain to explore in Downton Creek.

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