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Mount Bishop from the South # 16293

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Date: 2014.06.21
Vantage Point: From the summit of Mount Elsay.

Caption: The photo shows the southern treed flanks of Mount Bishop rising almost a kilometre above Elsay Lake. At the left of the photo, the small treed summit is Vicar Peak, the northern end of Elsay ridge. In the extreme background, far left is the Sky Pilot group.

PhotoDescr: This photo was taken on an overnight trip into the Fannin Range. The end-goal was to climb Mount Bishop from a camp at Vicar Lakes via the Elsay Ridge trail. Early in the season, the trail conditions proved to difficult and our (extremely) overladen companions decided it best to camp on the ridge and descend just south of Mount Elsay to reach the Elsay Lake Trail. The ruggedness of BC terrain always amazes me - in sight of a city of 2 million, it took us 8 hours to travel 10 day we will return.

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