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Cerberus Mountain - West Side # 1614

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Date: 2002.05.01
Vantage Point: From about 9000 feet (2743 m) on the shoulder to the west of Cerberus Mountain,

Caption: The upper ski access route leading to the summit of Cerberus Mountain.

PhotoDescr: This photo was taken while on a day trip from my camp, which was located just north of Erehwon Mountain on the Monarch Icefield. I skied through the Erehwon/Chili Tower pass down to the head of the Sumquolt Glacier. From here one can ascend a moderately steep and crevassed glacier to a pass between Cerberus Mountain and Basin Peak, which is located to the south. From here begin an ascending clockwise traverse around to the west side of the mountain. There is a good vantage point at around 9000 feet (2743 m), on the high shoulder of Cerberus Mountain, of the summit of Cerberus itself, and of an unnamed 9000 foot (2743 m) mountain to the southeast.

The route beyond here to the summit of Cerberus Mountain is quite dangerous due to avalanche hazard with the risk of being swept over an icefall. There have been 5 fatalities in 2 separate accidents that I know of along the upper part of this route.

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