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Copper Benchmark from Copper Pass # 15945

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Date: 2013.09.16
Vantage Point: 400 meters southwest of Copper Pass on the ridge leading to Switchblade Peak

Caption: Copper Benchmark is in the center. Copper Pass is bottom left foreground. Left background is Big Kangaroo (far left) and Wallaby both in the sun. The dark peak in the far right background is Gilbert Mountain. Just left of Gilbert in the middle distance is Peak 7917.

PhotoDescr: I climbed Copper Benchmark on an earlier trip from Twisp River. It's a straightforward ascent over the slopes shown in the photo. On this day I came in from an unmapped trail at MP 160 on Highway 20. The trail joins with the regular Copper Pass trail from Bridge Creek but is much shorter and a lot less elevation.

My ride was picking me up mid-afternoon so I had to scurry back.

Gilbert Mountain is gained from the North Creek trail from Road's End at Twisp River. The Copper Pass trail (Twisp River TH) is at the same spot.

The popular Birthday ski traverse exits to the hairpin on Highway 20 via the col in the middle distance (in front of Big Kangaroo). It's a bit of a steep drop in for the first 100 meters but then it's a rip.

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