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Scudamore Peak # 15941

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Date: 2013.09.11
Vantage Point: From the summit of Elf Peak

Caption: Looking southwards along the Upper Scudamore/North Stein Divide towards Scudamore Peak. Troll blends in directly in front of it.

PhotoDescr: I was able to bike most of the Morris Creek East FSR then hiked straight up from near end of the road to hit the alpine then the ridge between Elf and a peak north of it. Atop Elf I got this shot and a look at the route ahead.

Minor scrambling descending Elf and I continued on to Troll Peak where I didn't think I could continue to Scudamore and return without having to bushwack down in the dark so I hung out there for an hour. There's a beautifully coloured lake just east of here.

To return I followed the ridge to it's lowest point between Troll and Elf then dropped down to a bench for easy travel (kept in mind for a return trip sometime for quicker access further along the North Stein).

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