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Limelight Creek # 15830

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Date: 2013.07.07
Vantage Point: Blanca Lake Trail

Caption: Limelight Creek (c), Ashlu (top center), Limelight (top right), Amicus (top left)

PhotoDescr: Inserted by Paul Kubik This shot by Andrew Wong shows the approach we took to the Ashlu-Elaho Divide ski traverse. The first day we shuttled the cars and started up Limelight Creek from Sims G-100 road around noon. We got to the flat area in photo center late afternoon and set up camp. Next morning we bootpacked our gear and skis about 200 meters up the valley sidewall heading for the big expanse of ice below Amicus. It was around this time a couple of the participants started to get a little nervous about the choice of route. They bailed on us the next day when we ran into Rocket Robertson's group who came in from the south end and were heading out via Porterhouse Gap.

It was a good route except for the 200 meters of climbing isothermal snow with skis on our backs. I don't think this approach has been repeated.

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